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Dr. Garry Johnson BDSc is a dentist with over 30 years of experience within dentistry. Dr Johnson is an A licence coach for the AFC (Asian Football Confederation) ...


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Is Laser Dentistry the way forward for me in terms of dental treatments?
Here at GD Johnson Dental Centre we feel that Laser Dentistry is the way forward in how we should go about treating everybody’s dental problems. No matter how small or large the procedure, lasers can give us the same preciseness and effectiveness every time.

What Advantages Does Laser Dentistry Have?
Laser Dentistry has many advantages the main one being that it is so precise in what it does. There is no need for drills to be used, and very little tooth structure is needed to be removed before the use of the laser. They can also be a lot quicker and more effective than conventional tools such as drills are. It also helps prevent the risk of the tooth breaking or cracking later on because drills are not used.

Does Laser Dentistry just fix teeth?
No laser dentistry also helps to clean teeth, even when undergoing a procedure the laser will seek out bacteria and remove it from the problem areas leaving you with a cleaner and safer tooth structure.

I’m afraid my trip to the dentist will hurt, how can you help me with this?
With the use of lasers it reduces the need for anaesthetic to be used during procedures as with the laser you will feel little to no pain whatsoever. If you are still a bit nervous about undergoing the procedure we can put you under some form of sedation to help you feel more comfortable with your treatments.