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Cosmetic Work

Transform your smile and regain the confidence that you desire

A perfect and aesthetically pleasing smile is obviously something that most people desire. Not only does a smile help to build confidence, but it also shouts out a statement about yourself and helps to give off a good impression to others around you.

You no longer have to suffer with the dent in confidence that you once had to deal with because of how your teeth looked. Cosmetic dentistry is a way forward in helping to restore the aesthetics of your smile so that is not only pleasing to others, but most importantly to yourself.

Cosmetic Dentistry covers a range of procedures including;


Thin layers of porcelain that are placed upon the effected tooth to help amend not only the aesthetic appearance but also the shape size and structure of the tooth to help with its functionality.

Dental Crowns

A porcelain or tooth coloured restoration that is placed over the damaged tooth to improve the look of your smile, and also to help to improve with biting and chewing within the mouth.

Dental Implants

An effective solution for replacing missing teeth. A small titanium fixture being placed into the jaw bone, which then fuses to the fixture. Then a replacement, either a crown or a bridge will be placed upon the implant to allow for a secure fitting.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening can be performed either in the dental chair or at home. Both of which use a gel or liquid substance to whiten teeth.


We are now an accredited for Invisalign! This virtually invisible orthodontic system utilises a series of transparent aligners to transform your smile right before your very eyes. Another great aspect about this orthodontic treatment is that it is removable- making it a great choice for adults and busy professionals

SmileFast Magic Braces

As an accredited provided of SmileFast Magic Braces, this clear orthodontic system allows our patients to transform the appearance of their smiles in just six to nine months!

If you would like to find out more about how cosmetic dentistry treatments can transform your smile for the better, contact us now and book a consultation.