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Gain the perfect straight smile to wow your peers

Orthodontics is the dental treatment that effectively straightens teeth so that you can smile proudly. Many people suffer from crowded and misaligned teeth and they are constantly searching for a solution to this problem. The most effective and quickest solution is to undergo a treatment of orthodontics.

Here at GD Johnson Dental Centre we realise that not only should your teeth be healthy but they should also look good. One of the easiest ways for your teeth to be able to look good is when they are perfectly straight and aligned properly.

At GD Johnson Dental Centre we offer simple Orthodontics to help with the age old problem or crooked and misaligned teeth. We offer a general braces treatment that over time will help to straighten your teeth and look beautiful once again.

The braces consist of a combination of metal wires and brackets that when tightened at certain intervals help to straighten the teeth and fix the problems of crooked, gapped and overlapping teeth. They also help to fix overbites and cross bites.


Have you ever yearned for a virtually invisible orthodontic system that is also removable? We are now proud to offer our patients the highly popular Invisalign system. Utilising a series of custom designed transparent aligners to gently shift your teeth into position, this orthodontic system can be removed to eat, maintain your oral hygiene and for photographs!


This orthodontic system is a great choice for patients who wish to transform the appearance of their smile, and not their actual bite. The SmileFast system is a clear orthodontic system that generates rapid aesthetic results in as little as six to nine months, and is used to straighten the appearance of teeth that are revealed when smiling.


We also offer a form of treatment called chirodontics. Chriodontics is where we try to fix and treat your teeth with your whole body health in mind also.

We work in conjunction with Chiropractors and Podiatrists so that we can create a whole body balance and not just focus on your teeth. We feel that your teeth should not only be treated by themselves as a single entity, they should also be treated while also thinking about the rest of your body and how it can affect your whole quality of life.

Contact Dr Johnson today and book a consultation to change not just the health of your mouth around but your whole body.