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Emergency Dental Treatment

At GD Johnson Dental Centre we realise that most people are busy during the day time and they find it hard to fit a dental appointment in, this is why we offer treatment time after usual work hours so everybody can find time to fit in their treatment.

We have a late night surgery on a Wednesday opening until 8pm and we are also open all day Saturday, so there is no excuse as to why we cannot accommodate you and your dental needs.

We also realise that you can sometimes just simply have an accident and end up with a cracked, chipped or even a missing tooth, and you are in need of quick and effective treatment, and we at GD Johnson Dental Centre can help you with this emergency treatment.

We strive to help anyone that has dental problems whether it is a simple chip of the tooth to needing a tooth extracting because of a severe tooth pain. Dental treatment should not be something that is avoided because you are too busy and have too many schedules to meet.

You should always find time to come and see us, and we try to accommodate you in this by opening on weekends and late on evenings.