A guide to caring for baby teeth from our Coorparoo family dental team


When it comes to babies and brushing their teeth, many parents are confused about where to start.

Even if you have older children or a new baby, you may have some questions about how to treat each of their dental needs, leading to confusion and frustration about giving them the best care they need.

Not to fear! Our team at Brisbane Laser Dentist can help! Our Coorparoo family dental team can oversee your family’s dental needs from the time your child gets their first teeth to their adult years. We pride ourselves on educating our patients and their families about maintaining good oral health, and the earlier these lessons begin, the better the outcome will be!

So, if you have a baby, how do you manage their dental health from day one? Here, our Coorparoo family dental team provides a guide to basic baby dental care.

When should my baby’s first appointment be?

If your baby’s first tooth erupts before they hit the age of 1 year old, they will need to see our Coorparoo family dental team for their first checkup.

If they reach the age of 1 without having any teeth erupt, you should bring them along for a checkup; this can help them get used to what is involved in dental checkups and allow you to ask our team any questions.

What should I expect at the first appointment?

The first trip to see our team will probably be longer than an average checkup, and our team will usually try to book the appointments for early in the morning when your baby is awake and refreshed.

Typically, we will examine your baby’s jaw and teeth (if any have erupted) to check for growth and development. We will also perform a very gentle clean if needed and talk to you about the best steps going forward.

Be honest with our team about any concerns you have about dental care and we will aim to allay those fears and provide you with answers.

Tips for brushing at home

You know your baby better than anyone and will probably have an idea of how they will take to having their teeth brushed.

Start with a smear of toothpaste on your finger to clean any newly erupted teeth; be sure to use toothpaste suitable for babies. Clean in small circles and supervise your child’s oral hygiene routine until your child is at least 7 years old.

Reducing sugar

We recommend cleaning your baby’s teeth if you nursing or feed them from a bottle; milk contains sugar that can cause damage to the enamel on your baby’s teeth. We also recommend putting your child to bed after a drink of plain water rather than sugary drinks. When you begin to wean your baby onto solid foods, aim to give them foods that are low in sugar.

If your child needs medicine for a cold or other illness, ask your doctor or pharmacist if there are sugar-free alternatives.

For more advice on baby dental care and tips for keeping dentistry fun, contact our team at Brisbane Laser Dentist today!


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.