Got a toothache? Signs you need a ‘dentist near me’


Do you have a toothache that irritates you? Have you noticed an unusual swelling forming under your jaw? Time to look online for an emergency dental team!

If you’re typing in ‘dentist near me’ for an emergency appointment, our team at Brisbane Laser Dentist will always be there to book you in for a same-day appointment to assess and treat any emergency dental issues that you may have.

So what are some of the signs that you need to contact our ‘dentist near me’ for an emergency appointment?


One of the main signs that you need to see a ‘dentist near me’ for an emergency appointment is swelling.

Swelling to the face, jaw or under the jawline are all reasons to seek emergency dental treatment, even if the swelling does not cause any discomfort. As you may be aware, oral swellings can indicate that there is either a problem with an impacted wisdom tooth or an abscess.


Of course, another key reason why our team is contacted for emergency appointments pertains to discomfort.

While a toothache is never pleasant, if such pain distracts you in daily life or causes difficulty with eating and sleeping, then you need to see our team promptly. Toothache of this severity is usually linked to abscesses, and, as you know, an abscess is an emergency!

So, if you feel like one of your teeth is bruised or suddenly overly sensitive or you notice a feeling of pressure, call our team at Brisbane Laser Dentist for an emergency appointment.


Dental ulcers are somewhat common and more likely to occur if you are ill or have recently been under emotional stress.

While most of the time these small swellings will resolve on their own, there are instances in which you may need to seek emergency medical attention. If ulcers keep occurring in the same part of the mouth or if one of them is larger than a 5 pence piece, then we will need to perform an oral cancer screening.


Cracked teeth can be a part of life for people who play contact sports, but, if you notice that you have a crack or chip on any of your teeth, it may be worth approaching our team about having a composite filling.

Why? Because a crack can allow bacteria in the mouth to infiltrate the tooth, causing decay, abscesses and other problems with the pulp.

So, to stay protected, if you crack a tooth, come and see our team for a same-day appointment!

Lost fillings or crowns

Crowns and fillings are great restoratives, and it is rare that they fall out! In fact, an amalgam filling has an average lifespan of around 10 years.

And, while a lost or loose restorative may not seem comparable to an abscess, if you suspect that you have one, we will need to see you soon. Once again, this is due to a previously inaccessible part of the mouth now becoming exposed to bacteria and the secondary issues that this can bring.


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.