Healthy teeth for the whole family at the Coorparoo family dental


It is important to make sure that you maintain a good dental hygiene routine from a very young age. Bringing your children to visit the dentist on a regular basis helps promote good oral health for life. If children visit the dentist regularly from a young age then they will be accustomed to the routine and there is less chance of developing dental anxiety or dental phobia as an adult. Here at our Coorparoo family dental clinic we are passionate about promoting good oral health for life and we want you to visit us with your family ideally once every six months. This is to make sure that your teeth are clean and healthy and that your gums are strong and healthy, and that you do not have any underlying dental issues. When children are young their brushing techniques may not be sufficient, therefore we recommend that you help your children brush their teeth and also that you bring them to visit our Coorparoo family dental regularly. This ensures that any excess plaque can be removed from their teeth and we can help prevent the build-up of tartar which otherwise could lead to a range of dental issues in the future. Here in Australia, over 40% of children aged 5-10 and 20% of children aged 6-14 suffer from tooth decay. This is a staggering number and can be avoided with regular visits to our Coorparoo family dental, as we will be able to detect any signs of disease earlier on so that it can be treated without affecting surrounding healthy teeth and gums. Our dentist will make sure that your children enjoy their visit to our Coorparoo family dental clinic and we will provide individually tailored advice on how to maintain better oral hygiene, to prevent such issues from developing and to avoid dental complications later on in life.

Dental anxiety and phobia

As an adult it is important to visit your dentist at least once every six months and more frequently if you are suffering from certain dental conditions or are prone to symptoms such as bleeding, sensitivity and gum disease. Here at Brisbane Laser Dentist our team is very gentle and caring. If you suffer from dental anxiety or a phobia, then rest assured you are not alone. Research has shown that dental fear affects approximately one in six adults in Australia. Here at our practice we are pleased to offer you quality dental care and excellent customer service, so that you have a relaxed and comfortable experience. Your dental health is our priority, so we will try our best to calm your nerves in order to address your dental needs, adhering to the highest standards to help promote better oral health and overall wellbeing. We are able to offer laser dentistry to keep your mouth healthy. This involves the use of lasers to carry out dental techniques and procedures, which is non-invasive and allows a less painful and a more comfortable experience. This is ideal for our patients who suffer from dental anxiety or a phobia, and for those who are looking for a more relaxing experience at the dentist. Speak to us today and book an appointment to meet your dental needs with confidence.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.