Laser dentistry for your dental needs in Coorparoo

Lasers really are a great leap forward when it comes to dentistry and their use has so many benefits. However, not all dentists are using lasers, especially for dental Coorparoo, andat Brisbane Laser dentists we are ahead of the curve when it comes to treating patients with lasers. The use of lasers can mean faster healing times for patients, reduced bleeding during procedures as well as a reduced risk of infection afterwards, and for some people, the most important thing is that they don’t have to endure the dreaded dentist drill when coming in for tooth treatments thus lowering people’s levels on anxiety about certain procedures. We are even using lasers for cosmetic facial treatments and even cosmetic gum treatments, the limits to what else they may accomplish in the future are boundless.
Common laser uses at our practice
Though not all listed here, these are the most common day-to-day uses we have for lasers at our clinic. We use them as standard for almost all our treatments, as they make our job easier and your life more pleasant.
It used to be that we would have to drill away sections of a tooth to get to a cavity that had formed between two teeth, although painless this process often caused patients anxiety, but with lasers, we can quickly and quietly carve away smaller sections of a tooth in order to expose the hole we need to fill, this means less blood and quicker turnaround per procedure.
Root canal
Similar to treating cavities we are able to drill into the crown of a tooth without you even knowing it, as one of our lasers works effortlessly to remove the hard enamel and dentine of the tooth to expose the infected insides that are causing you so much pain. At Dental Coorparoo we have another laser that will clean out this infection by zapping it away with less blood and debris while we work which means more comfort for you.
Soft tissue surgery
In the past, the procedure to reshape oversized gums was to cut them away surgically and stitch them up to await healing, it really was as complicated as it sounds and the sutures took a while to heal, but with lasers, we are able to reshape your gums and cauterise them at the same time meaning that the procedure itself at Dental Coorparoo is much quicker and so is the healing time.
There is a special laser treatment called Nitelase that can treat snoring by tightening up the throat tissues that have become loose and lost collagen, so that they are firm once more and do not vibrate when a person is snoring.
Removal of veneers or crowns
While crowns and veneers do disguise damage to teeth and they are a lifetime commitment, there are cases where they may need to be removed in order to perform a different surgery or to be replaced, we can do this easily with lasers so that we don’t have to waste time filing away at your teeth endlessly and can get the rest of the work done in good time.
All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.