Seeking a general dentist in Coorparoo?

There could be a number of reasons someone visits their general dentist in Coorparoo. Whilst we at Brisbane Laser Dentist hope that it’s just for your biannual check-ups or hygiene appointments, we are also here to provide a full range of treatments should you find yourself in need of a little extra care. Whether you need to fill a cavity or have a tooth extracted, our professionalism and experience will see you through the procedure with little to no pain so that you can get on with your life.
General treatments
A general dentist in Coorparoo will have vast experience treating patients who are in pain. You can rest assured that you are in good hands when it comes to any procedure you may need to undergo.
White fillings
While we encourage our patients to take good care of their teeth and gums, filling cavities is still a big part of our daily routine. In the past, we had no option but to fill a cavity with a metal filling which was rather unsightly, but today we use a tooth coloured substance to fill a cavity, which blends in so well with your natural teeth that it will go unnoticed in your mouth.
We can also replace old metal fillings that will enhance the appearance of your teeth. Getting a white filling can help ensure that there is no further damage to the teeth and may help you avoid getting a root canal treatment.
Root canal therapy
You may need this treatment if the pulp that is inside your tooth becomes infected. Without the treatment the infection could spread and cause an abscess which can be incredibly uncomfortable.
As with fillings, your mouth will be numbed with a local anaesthetic before any work commences and then the dentist will drill into your tooth and clean out the infected pulp before covering it with a temporary crown in order for it to heal.
Extractions/oral surgery
In the case where a tooth cannot be saved because it has been infected for too long you will need to have it extracted. This is a straightforward procedure which you will not feel as once again the area will first be numbed. We do not aim to cause our patients pain, only to remove any pain they come in with.
In the case of wisdom teeth needing to come out, a patient may be sedated for this more complex surgery, especially if the teeth are impacted.
Chipped teeth
If a tooth is chipped in an accident it may be possible to save it without it needing to be extracted. Depending on the size of the piece that has broken off, a general dentist in Coorparoo will be able to suggest one of 3 different methods to repair it.
1 – Bonding
Dental bonding utilises a tooth coloured composite that matches your teeth to repair and replace a small piece of the tooth that has chipped off one of your front 6 teeth. If a chip occurs on the back teeth, a filling may be used.
2 – Crowns
If a large piece of tooth has broken away, a crown will be made to cover the top of the tooth. This will match the tooth exactly.
3 – Veneers
These can be used to hide the damage of a front tooth that has been severely broken.
Disclaimer: All treatments carry risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion to ensure that this treatment is right for you.