Advantages of laser dentistry at Dental Coorparoo


There are many advantages of undergoing dental treatment with us at Brisbane Laser Dentist. We are pleased to offer you laser dental treatment here at our dental Coorparoo. Laser treatment is excellent for those who require dental treatment but are afraid to address their dental needs. If you suffer from dental anxiety or phobia, speak to our dentist at dental Coorparoo and find out whether laser dental treatment could be a suitable solution for you.

What is laser dental treatment?

Laser dental treatment works using lasers to carry out dental work that would otherwise be done using metal, hand-held instruments. Light energy is emitted in a concentrated and narrow beam, which causes a reaction when it hits soft or hard tissue, shaping or removing the tissue as required. In this way, lasers can be used to remove bacteria, treat tooth decay, reshape gums and treat gum disease. Laser dental treatment can be used to reduce tooth sensitivity and whiten teeth to enhance the appearance of your smile. Speak to our team at Brisbane Laser Dentist and discuss the issues that affect your teeth so we can determine which laser dental treatments are suitable for addressing your needs.

Advantages of laser dental treatment

There are significant advantages of laser treatment in comparison to traditional dental treatment. Laser treatment can be performed with accuracy and precision, targeting affected tissues only and keeping healthy tissues intact. With laser treatment, there is no need for local anaesthesia. The treatments are non-invasive, so there is no discomfort and little to no bleeding. Traditional dental treatments that require drilling can be noisy and uncomfortable; however, with laser dental treatment, this can be avoided. Without postoperative discomfort, you can return to your normal activities on the same day with a greatly reduced risk of infection.

The advantages of laser treatment mean that it is a great option for patients who are afraid of dentists and suffer from dental phobia. We will discuss every step of the procedure with you during your consultation so that you are aware of what is going on, and we will help ease your nerves, making sure that the experience is not only beneficial but also comfortable.

Speak to us at Brisbane Laser Dentist today. Avoiding dental checkups can have a detrimental impact on your teeth and gums; for instance, periodontal disease can progress very rapidly. Therefore, you must address your dental issues earlier on. If you avoid checkups, then the problem will escalate and may cause irreversible damage or even result in tooth loss. Laser dentistry can give you a less painful and less invasive opportunity to tackle periodontal disease successfully. So book a consultation to find out more about laser dental treatments and how laser dentistry with dental Coorparoo can help you tackle your dental issues and promote better dental health that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.


All treatments carry risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.