Are all dentists dental surgeons?FAQs about general dental teams answered

What is the difference between a general dental practitioner and an orthodontist?
Can a general dental team perform cosmetic procedures?
As more people look into attending their dental surgery for something besides a biannual check-up, it can be a bit more complicated to understand what a general practitioner is qualified to do. Of course, all general practitioners are able to perform check-ups, fillings and general plaque removal but what else can they do?
At Brisbane Laser, our general dentist in Coorparoo is able to perform a myriad of procedures to help you get the gorgeous smile you deserve. Our teams are constantly attending additional courses to gain a wider set of skills, allowing our patients access to a wider range of treatments. Perfect!
But this once again raises questions around the responsibilities of our general dentist in Coorparoo. Read on to learn more about what our general dental team can do for you and your family.
Are all general dental teams able to perform surgery?
In a word, no.
Dental surgery can be performed by some dental teams, but it requires additional training that usually ends with performing extractions.
For more advanced surgical options, you will probably need to visit a dental and maxillofacial surgeon. Luckily, we have these professionals at Brisbane Laser, so you won’t have to go too far!
Can a dental team perform any preventive treatment?
Yes, they can.
Our dentist in Coorparoo is able to remove plaque, clean your teeth and apply fluoride sealants to areas where there is decay. We can offer tips on brushing, lifestyle, dietary advice and offer smoking cessation to those who want to kick the habit. Our general team can also refer you to our hygienist, who can offer more advanced preventive treatments.
Are all dental teams nice to nervous patients?
The days of the belittling dental anxieties are long gone (and not a day too soon!).
While we cannot guarantee that all dental teams are compassionate to nervous and phobic dental patients, our team at Brisbane Laser will always treat you with the highest level of care and listen to any concerns that you may have.
We are also able to offer sedative options for our patients who need a bit more help getting into the dental chair. Perfect
What is the role of a dental nurse?
Often overlooked in the surgery, a dental nurse is an important part of our general dental team.
They are responsible for decontaminating each set of equipment, will hand the required tools to our dental practitioners and mix and prepare materials as and when they are required. They will also hold your hand if you are a bit nervous!
I read that some general dental practitioners can fit braces- is this true?
A general dental practitioner cannot fit orthodontic braces; these can only be fitted and adjusted by an orthodontist.
Our general team can fit cosmetic, invisible and clear braces for patients’ and can also offer Invisalign treatments to suitable patients.
All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.