Oral surgery; what is it and why the dentist near you may perform it

When you smile into the mirror after brushing your teeth, you probably don’t think about the likelihood of ever needing to have oral surgery.
However, there may be instances in the future which will require your dental team to remove 1 or many of your teeth and while that can seem frightening, the reasons are not only linked to dental decay.
Even if you have been informed that you need to have several teeth removed, there is no reason to feel down. There are many cosmetic dentistry options available, which can conceal holes in your smile and restore functionality to your mouth. Dental implants are a popular way to resolve the issue of lost teeth and with correct care, they can last up to 20 years!
But you may be wondering ‘does the dentist near me perform oral surgery?’ If you live in Brisbane, our team at Brisbane Laser Dentist can perform every type of oral surgery, using the precision of lasers to aid the extraction and to speed up the healing. We can also offer you cosmetic procedures post-extraction, to help hide the gaps left by the removal of your teeth. Perfect!
You may be curious to type into an internet search engine ‘why would a dentist near me need to remove my teeth if there is no decay?’ Not to worry; our team at Brisbane answers that question below!
If you have recently been in an accident which has removed the crown of your tooth, you may be searching for a ‘dentist near me who can restore a broken tooth.’
While our team will always aim to restore a damaged tooth, if we are unable to fit a crown, we will opt for extraction. If the accident was recent, this will be a simple extraction; if the gum has grown over the broken tooth, we will need to use more surgical methods to remove the tooth.
OK, we said we wouldn’t mention decay but it is a key reason why our dentists have to remove teeth.
If your tooth has decayed beyond repair, we will need to remove it to prevent infection.
Orthodontic work
Need a brace fitted to resolve crowded teeth?
Depending on the severity of the crowding, we may need to remove 1 or 2 teeth to make room for the movement which will accompany orthodontic work. The gaps will close during the treatment.
Implant placement
If you want to have a set of dentures fitted, we may need to remove a healthy tooth to do so. We can usually remove your tooth and fit the implant in the same appointment, avoiding the surgery required normally to fit the implant.
More common with teenagers and young adults, we may need to remove a partially erupted wisdom tooth due to implication (pushing against another tooth’s root below the jaw).
This will usually involve a surgical extraction and, depending on the shape of the root being extracted, it may be a rather lengthy procedure.