Cosmetic tooth treatments at the dentist in Coorparoo

Wanting to enhance the look of your teeth is a completely understandable desire. Cosmetic dentistry has a large number of options available, and you are certainly not the only person who wants straighter or whiter looking teeth. They say a great smile can light up a room, and certain psychological studies suggest that straight white teeth are perceived by others to mean that someone may have better luck in love and have more success in business. This, of course, is only a social perception and your teeth can’t close a business deal, but they can make a good or bad first impression. As we at Brisbane Laser Dentist know, first impressions are still a very important part of social engagement which is why you should visit a dentist Coorparoo to talk about enhancing the look of your smile.
Treatments that could help you
Traditional Orthodontics
Braces have been used successfully in dentistry for nearly a century, though there is archaeological evidence to suggest that people have been trying various forms of orthodontia for many generations before modern braces were invented. In order for our dentist Coorparoo to be able to help move your teeth into position, they will need to fit a bracket to the required teeth, this bracket can either be metal as is often the choice for most teenagers or it can be tooth coloured which is an option that many adults go with as it is more discreet. Once each tooth has been fixed with a bracket we then feed a matching wire through all of them, the brackets are able to pull tension on the wire which slowly pulls each tooth into place at the same time. We can also use small clear elastic to connect the top and bottom jaws in such a way that we can pull them into the correct position too, so that we may adjust any malocclusions you may have and thus fix your bite at the same time,
Once the teeth have been pulled into the right place and are all sitting next to one another neatly and your jaw is in the correct alignment, we can remove the braces without any damage to your teeth and fix a wire retainer to the back of your teeth in order to hold them in place.
Porcelain veneers
A porcelain veneer is a thin slice of porcelain that is shaped like a tooth, it is placed over a tooth in order to make it whole once more, as they are often used to cover up chips and breaks and even staining. A veneer can be placed over one tooth or you can get a whole set of them in order to create a dashing Hollywood smile.
Something that veneers can’t cover up is a bad bite, if you have malocclusions we might recommend getting braces to fix them before going forward with a veneer treatment.
Teeth whitening
The dentist Coorparoo can perform a tooth whitening and bleaching treatment before you get one or two veneers to cover up a damaged tooth or after orthodontic treatment to further enhance your newly straight smile, although many people simply come in once in a while just for a whitening treatment to create a more sparkling smile.
All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.