Does a dentist only deal with teeth? A guide to what our dental professionals oversee

When you need to attend a dental check-up, chances are you will be wondering if you have any cavities, or if that speck of plaque on your back tooth has vanished.
And while these are all things to query as you prepare for your check-up, it is worth noting that your dental team won’t just be looking at your teeth.
Of course, it is a large part of what they do, but it would be somewhat restrictive to assume that it is all that they do; many dental teams can offer an array of different checks and procedures, ensuring that your oral and general health remains in top condition.
At Brisbane Laser Dentist, our team utilises a mixture of traditional dental techniques with the more modern application of lasers to keep your teeth healthy. Using this advanced technology to clean and polish your teeth, our dentist in Coorparoo will be able to offer you and your family more comfortable dental care. Perfect!
But what are some of the other things that our dentist in Coorparoo can check for and treat at your check-ups? Read on to find out!
As mentioned earlier, while it is easy to assume that our dental team is only checking the teeth for signs of decay during a check-up, they will also do a fair bit of poking around on the gum line.
We aren’t kidding! As part of your check-up, our dentist in Coorparoo will poke random parts of your gum to assess its texture. Why? Because a healthy gum has a slight give but bounces back, whereas a gum that has succumbed to periodontal disease such as gingivitis will be spongy and may start bleeding.
If our team spots signs of gum disease, we will send you on to our hygienist for a scale and polish and will prescribe you a specialist mouthwash and toothpaste to help get your gums back to being healthy.
As part of our general check-up, our team will also assess your mouth for signs of oral cancer.
While this is more common in those who smoke or have a family history of oral cancers, we routinely screen all of our patients at their 6-month check-ups.
If you notice any persistent mouth ulcers, sore spots, discolouration, swelling, bumps or aches and pains in your jaw area, it may be worth contacting our team for screening, even if you have recently attended a check-up. If caught early, oral cancer has one of the highest survival rates.
Secondary health issues
Using X-Rays and other pieces of digital equipment, it is also possible for our team at Brisbane Laser Dentist to spot issues such as osteoporosis and other degenerative bone disorders.
We can also spot signs of diabetes, heart issues and gastrointestinal issues all from looking at your teeth and gums.
So, in conclusion, there is more to a dental professionals job than simply looking at teeth; we are trained to spot and treat a myriad of issues, helping you stay healthy!
All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.