How often should I brush my 2-year-old’s teeth? Your top FAQS about family dental care answered

It’s not easy being a parent; even more so when it comes to keeping your kids’ teeth healthy!
It is a known fact that children like sweets and are not too fond of attending dental check-ups, so naturally, it falls to you, their parents, to ensure that they eat as few sweet things as possible and that they brush their teeth thoroughly while also popping in to see our team every 6 months.
But when it comes to pediatric dental care, many patients and parents make the same mistakes which our team at Brisbane Laser Dentist see each day. One common myth is that a child’s baby teeth are not as important as their adult teeth as they are going to fall out.
At Brisbane Laser Dentist, our Coorparoo family dental practice knows how challenging it can be to get your children to brush correctly and so, we are able to offer you tips and advice on how to make dental care fun, even for the youngest of children. We can also take proactive steps to keep those teeth healthy, by applying fluoride sealants and advising your children on how to brush their teeth in a way that makes it fun.
But what are some of the most common questions that our dentists at our Coorparoo family dental practice are asked by parents? Read on to find out!
How often should I brush my 2-year-olds teeth?
Twice a day every day (and a quick brush may be needed if they have eaten something sugary).
As soon as teeth begin to appear, aim to brush them twice daily to prevent decay from forming and to teach correct hygiene habits.
At what age should my child visit your team?
Our Coorparoo family dental team recommends that by the time your child has reached 12 months of age, they should have attended their first check-up. This is to help them to desensitize to our dental surgery and to become familiar with the sounds and smells of such an environment.
My child’s teeth look crooked; is that a problem?
It could be, but if it is your child’s baby teeth, our team will want to wait until their adult teeth erupt to assess any orthodontic issues.
A check-up with a member of our orthodontic team should be attended by the time your child is 7 years old.
How can I make dental care at home fun?
Make it a game! Write a song about it, brush your teeth with your child and encourage them to brush by putting a chart on the wall; if they brush twice daily each week, reward them with a treat.
I read fruit juice is bad for teeth- should I avoid it in my child’s diet?
Fruit juices can be bad for teeth if the consumption is not moderated due to the high fructose content. But this doesn’t mean they should be avoided altogether; aim to give your child water-based squashes and ensure their teeth are cleaned after drinking them.
All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.