Does your child hate the dentist? 4 ways our family dental team can make dental care fun

OK parents, let’s be frank; we know your kids don’t like seeing the dentist at the best of times.
But we both know that getting them to see us regularly is important for oral, physical and emotional well-being, making it all the more important that they see us at least twice a year.
However, this doesn’t mean that your children’s visits to our team can’t be fun and in actuality, by making dental trips more enjoyable, there is a higher chance that your children will look after their teeth better in the future. Which is what we all want!
So, when you are looking for a child-friendly dentist to take your children to, come and see our team at Brisbane Laser Dentist.
Our team at Brisbane Laser Dentist is able to offer children an educational and fun visit to the dentist, while also ensuring that you are happy with the level of care they receive, Our Coorparoo family dental team will always use preventive dentistry where possible, to ensure that your children’s gums and teeth stay healthy well into their teenage years and beyond. Brilliant!
But how can our team and yourselves make dental care more enjoyable for your children? Below are some common tips which our Coorparoo family dental team employs. Enjoy!
Riding the dental chair
When you are an adult, getting into the dental chair is easy and a bit boring.
But to a child, it is a big chair which can move around, up and down and has a bright light above it, making it a curious and fun chair.
And so, one way our Coorparoo family dental team helps to break down barriers with younger children is to allow them to ride the dental chair. This helps them become familiarized with how the chair moves while also making it fun, allowing them to associate with something interesting rather than scary.
Making brushing a game
Here is something that both you and our team will be able to try- make brushing teeth a game!
There are many ways to do this- by singing songs, by using different coloured toothpastes for different days or even by getting your children to brush the teeth of their favourite toy or teddy. Sounds a bit silly, but it works!
At-home rewards
Following on from making the brushing of teeth a game, why not up the challenge of good oral hygiene by offering rewards?
Star charts are a great way to monitor when your children brush their teeth and so, at the end of each week if your child has regularly brushed their teeth, why not give them a treat like a small toy or magazine? Positive reinforcement is the best way to make dental care fun and educational!
Toys and interactive brushes
Interactive toothbrushes are everywhere, and with different lights and sounds now commonplace in children’s dental equipment, you will probably be able to find a toothbrush in the shape of your child’s favourite cartoon character. What could be more fun than that?
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