Not sure about laser dentistry? 5 advantages of having it from our dentist at Brisbane

In the last 10 years or so, you have probably heard about the rise in laser-based eye treatments; precision lasers being used to treat and remove certain issues in the eye, resulting in a clearer image and better clarity for the patient.
Now, apply the same principle to teeth; obviously, you won’t get clearer vision via your teeth, but in the last decade, there has been an increase in the popularity of laser dental care.
While we concede that it sounds very high-tech, this increase has been due in part to the skill of dental teams and the finesse of the technology used, meaning that dental care is easier than ever before with the aid of lasers.
As you may have guessed by our name, one of our primary skills at our Brisbane Laser Dentist practice is using lasers to improve your dental care. Our trained dentist Coorparoo uses laser treatments to assist with almost every aspect of dentistry, from hygiene and prevention to cosmetic procedures.
But what are some of the key areas that can be improved or reduced by the lasers that our dentist Coorparoo uses?
In years gone by, if you were having a dental extraction or another more complex dental procedure, the risk of infection was always there due to germs and bacteria getting into the open wound and wreaking havoc.
With the use of the lasers from our dentist Coorparoo, we can sterilise the area correctly before and after the extraction has been performed, removing bacteria and keeping your mouth healthy.
On to the cosmetic benefits now!
If you have had enough of your gummy smile and are looking for a way to reduce the ratio of gum in your mouth, our team may have suggested a gum lift. Traditionally, this would have involved lots of incisions and stitching, but thanks to lasers we can reduce the gum in your smile without the need for multiple lacerations. It can even help with healing time too, due to the sterilising effect that lasers have on the gums.
Again, in years gone by, decay would have been treated with the use of a drill and the placing of a filling.
A laser can not only be calibrated to detect caries (minor cavities that may be difficult to spot), but they can also be used to remove them from the tooth, without the need for drilling. Precision is the name of the game with lasers!
Tumour removal
If you or your partner are expecting a baby, you may have begun to experience a condition known as a pregnancy granuloma; a benign lump on your gums caused by hormonal irregularities.
A laser can remove these growths quickly and painlessly, without the need for stitches or blood loss.
And as you may have guessed, a laser is great for cauterization.
So, if you have had an extraction or any surgical work performed by our team, we can stem the bleed with the use of our precision lasers with ease.
All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.