FAQs about oral extractions answered by our dentist Coorparoo at Brisbane Laser Dentist

Many people are familiar with dental extractions.
For whatever reason, you attend a dental appointment and it is discovered that for your comfort, prevention of an issue or making room for a procedure, you need to have a tooth removed.
In recent years, with the advances in endodontics, restorative dental care and even orthodontics, this process is becoming rarer. But if you are told by a member of our team at Brisbane Laser Dentist that you need to have an extraction, try not to worry.
At Brisbane Laser Dentist, our dentist Coorparoo is trained in the extraction of even the most stubborn teeth and can assure you that the process will be made as comfortable as possible! We take great pride in the care of our patients and will ensure that any concerns you have about an extraction will be assuaged by our professional team. Great!
But, with that in mind, should you need our dentist Coorparoo to perform an extraction, you will probably have a few questions. Here, we aim to answer the most common ones.
Why would I need an extraction?
As we hinted earlier, there are many reasons why our dentist Coorparoo would need to perform an extraction. Firstly, if a tooth is decayed or damaged beyond repair, we would need to take it out. In the case of wisdom teeth, these often need removal due to impaction onto surrounding teeth as they erupt. Should you have an overcrowded mouth and require orthodontic work, we will remove pre-chosen teeth to make room for the realignment process. Simple!
Are there different extraction types?
Yes, there are. If you have an intact tooth, where the crown is visible above the gum line, this would require a simple extraction to remove. We would numb the gum and simply pull the tooth out of the socket. With surgical extraction, this is more commonly used if you have a damaged or decayed tooth that has receded under the gum. As the name suggests, this may require more incisions and more anaesthetic to remove the tooth.
Is it uncomfortable?
No; you may feel pressure in your jaw and on your surrounding teeth, but the process should not be uncomfortable. If you feel any discomfort, alert our team immediately and we will read minister the numbing agent.
Will I need stitches?
This will depend on the type of extraction you had and the risk of you developing a dry socket.
If you have had a wisdom tooth extracted, then it is probable that we will use stitches to seal the extraction site, to prevent infection and a dry socket. In most cases of a simple extraction, no stitching is needed whereas, in almost all instances of surgical extraction, we will stitch the gum to speed the healing process.
How can I prevent infection?
Once your tooth (or teeth) are out, we will provide you with a leaflet explaining your aftercare.
But, on a basic level, you will need to avoid smoking and drinking excessively and keep the site clean using saltwater. If you feel ill, sick or have a fever following an extraction, call our emergency team.
All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.