Signs you need to see an emergency dentist

Got a toothache that is becoming distracting? Are you unsure whether that oral bleed needs medical attention? When you have a dental emergency and search for an emergency dentist near me, our team at Brisbane Laser Dentist will be there to help you. We set aside appointments each day for dental emergencies and will aim to resolve your issue and get your day back on track. Great!
What are some of the warning signs that you need to search for an emergency dentist near me?
A key indicator to looking online for an emergency dentist near me is a persistent or even an intermittent discomfort with one of your teeth or your jaw. It may feel like a bruise, a burning feeling or just a sharp ache. If you have any dental sensation that is preventing you from eating, sleeping, working or focusing on daily tasks, then you need to contact our team at Brisbane Laser Dentist about having a same-day appointment.
If you notice swelling to your face, under your jawline, on your gums or anywhere in your mouth, our team will need to see you urgently. While they may not necessarily be uncomfortable, these types of swelling can point to an infection, impacted teeth or an allergy, all of which will need medical attention to resolve. If your swelling has sprung up suddenly and is causing problems with breathing or eating, seek immediate medical attention.
Oral bleeds are more common with patients who engage in contact sports but, if you have a bleed that has not stopped after 20 minutes of application with both pressure and gauze, call us. Using stitches or surgical glue, we will aim to limit further blood loss. This will also help prevent secondary issues like an open wound in your mouth, which can act as a magnet for bacteria, leading to infection. So, if you hurt your mouth, please see our team!
Lost restoratives
If you notice that one of your fillings or crowns has come loose or come out altogether, then you need an emergency appointment; even if there is no discomfort! This is because a sharp edge on or even a deep hole in one of your teeth can attract bacteria instantly, leading to worsening decay if left untreated. Also, if you have a deep filling or crown, leaving the tooth with a missing restorative can lead to an infection setting in, which is far from fun!
Visual damage
Much like the oral bleeds, if you engage in sport, you are more likely to crack or chip your teeth.
Should you spot any visual damage to the enamel on your teeth, it would be best to seek emergency treatment with our team. Like the lost fillings, these minor cracks and chips attract bacteria, which then allows plaque to get access to a previously unexposed area of your teeth which can, you guessed it, lead to infection. If you have cracked your tooth or notice a chip, call our emergency team.
All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.