FAQs answered by our family dental team

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Do you have children and want to find a dental team who can help them keep their teeth healthy?

At Brisbane Laser Dentist, our Coorparoo family dental team can help maintain good oral health for you and your family, from your newest baby right up until they are 18 years old and then beyond into adulthood. Great!

Still have some questions about family and children’s dentistry? Here, our Coorparoo family dental team answers some of the more common queries we receive about this area, so enjoy!

When should children have their first check-up?

As a general rule, your child should attend their first check-up with our Coorparoo family dental team by the time they are 12 months old or when their first teeth erupt; whichever comes first.

There are a few reasons for this. For one thing, it helps give early exposure to dentists without a pressing emergency problem. Many studies have found that children who regularly see dentists from this age are less likely to suffer from dental issues later in life, including fear of the dentist.

It also allows you to ask our dental team as many questions as you like about your child’s oral health, so you and our team can work together to keep their teeth healthy for longer.

What is the best age to apply braces?

In relation to child dentistry, most orthodontic assessments will take place by the time your child is 7.

During these assessments, our orthodontic team will discern the placement of your child’s baby teeth and may take X-rays. This then allows them to predict any issues that may occur with dental misalignment in the future.

But in relation to the best age to apply braces, this can be a tricky one to answer, as we will apply them when we feel they are needed!

Can you teach my children how to brush their teeth?

Yes, we can!

Teaching your children how to look after their teeth is a huge part of what we do and our child based dental team is always happy to get out some practice toothbrushes and model teeth to show how oral care should take place at home.

But we can also offer advice about diet, flossing, interdental brushes and of course, if you have an infant, we can show you how to care for their newly erupting teeth too.

How can I encourage my children to look after their teeth?

We are often asked by parents how they can better encourage their children to look after their teeth.

In short, you know your child or children better than anyone and will know how best to engage them; if they like games, make dental hygiene regimes a game. If they like rewards, set up a reward chart and for each day that they brush their teeth, you can put a star on their chart.

If your child is a bit more reserved, offer to brush your teeth when they brush theirs and simply make this a daily routine.

But of course, you can also help to maintain your child’s oral health by reducing the amount of sugar that they eat, getting them to attend dental check-ups every 6 months and by actively encouraging them to brush their teeth. Simple!


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