General treatments at a dentist near me


If you’re experiencing discomfort with your teeth, you’ve probably tried everything you can think of to lessen the pain, but have only just given a thought to seeking a ‘dentist near me’. We understand that there are many tips online that can help to ease any discomfort and some may even offer immediate relief, but the effects are usually temporary and can often lead you down a path to only making the problem worse. By seeing our ‘dentist near me’ Coorparoo in the first instance, you’ll know exactly what the problem is in just a few hours and will have a treatment plan ready and waiting. Here at Brisbane Laser Dentist, we want you to feel confident and comfortable in the environment we’ve created for you. When you seek a ‘dentist near me’, providing you with quality patient care is the most important part of our day, which means listening to your concerns and acting fast.

In this brief article, our dentist near Coorparoo will discuss just a few of the general treatments we can offer and the kind of problems we can assist with.

White fillings

If you have a hole in your tooth that requires a filling, our dentist offers the cosmetic option of a white filling. The white fillings are matched to the shade of your teeth and can even replace previous metallic fillings, giving a more even look and natural appearance overall. Before the fillings are placed, any decay will be removed from your tooth to avoid the build-up or creation of further infection. Your restoration and fillings will be placed in one visit, meaning your mouth can be hole-free in just a short few hours. The main benefit of this treatment is that the fillings are made from a very hard substance that can withstand the daily chewing and biting that our teeth go through.

Root canal therapy

A treatment that some patients are much less excited to hear about is our root canal therapy. This treatment is often suggested when the pulp inside your tooth becomes infected and needs to be cleared out to offer relief from discomfort. Without this treatment, the infection can very easily spread and cause an abscess, leading to tooth extraction. The process begins by administering local anaesthetic before preparing the tooth with a drill. Then, the root canal system will be thoroughly cleaned and the infected pulp removed, resulting in the canal being disinfected. The hole left behind from this procedure is filled and we will continuously check up on the tooth at later dates.

Tooth extraction

As mentioned before, when a tooth has decayed or caused an abscess, or perhaps there is advanced gum disease, a tooth extraction will more than likely be suggested to relieve any discomfort and avoid further infection. The treatment may begin within an X-ray, but will soon move on to oral surgery. If a patient is nervous, there may be the option for sedation instead of the usual local anaesthetic, but we will always aim to make you as comfortable as possible.


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.