Treatments at our dentist Coorparoo


If you’ve ever visited our dentist Coorparoo before, you might be well aware of the many treatments we offer and subsequently the many problems we often aim to tackle. If you’ve had great luck with your teeth, however, it is unlikely that you’ve had the pleasure of a visit with us here at our dentist Coorparoo. The teeth and mouth are two very important features you own and it is our job to make sure that they’re in their top condition, which is why we offer a lot more than your general dentistry treatments. Here at Brisbane Laser Dentist, we want you to look forward to, and enjoy your dental visits. We put quality patient care at the centre of every decision we make and aim to proceed with communication and listening skills that enhance your time with us.

In this short article, our dentist Coorparoo will talk you through just a few of the treatments we offer, and the benefits they provide.

Routine dentistry

In order to maintain good dental hygiene, attending routine appointments is essential. When you attend these appointments with us you can rest assured that any problems will be spotted in advance and can therefore be handled before they progress further and cause more pain. It is important that you also bring your children in for routine appointments and assessments to keep an eye on their growing teeth and stop any problems that may only get worse with adulthood. Routine dental appointments are best undertaken every six months, but some patients may need them more frequently depending on their teeth and mouth health. During the appointments, you can expect thorough examinations, necessary X-rays and advice regarding your teeth. If you have any questions or concerns about your oral hygiene, be sure to ask them!

General dentistry

There are many treatments that fall under the general dentistry umbrella, but all exist to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy. If you have a tooth that is damaged or infected, you might be advised that root canal therapy is the best treatment plan for you. During the therapy, a local anaesthetic will be administered to avoid discomfort before the tooth is prepared using a drill. The root canal system will be cleaned and drained of any pulp and follow up checks are essential to ensure there are no further problems. Tooth extractions are also used within general dentistry and more than likely a procedure you’re familiar with. When a tooth has decayed or you have advanced gum disease, extracting the tooth or multiple teeth will lessen any discomfort you’re feeling. In some cases, an X-ray may be required before the teeth are removed.

Cosmetic dentistry

As with other umbrella terms, there are once again a variety of treatments that fall under cosmetic dentistry. One of the most common, however, is teeth whitening. It is completely normal to wish for whiter teeth, which is something we can provide using custom-made teeth whitening kits or in-office options. No matter the option you pick, it is important to remember that results may vary and you should always ask any questions you have before going forward with the procedure.


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.