Get an even-looking smile with our dentist Coorparoo

Having a perfect set of even teeth is the look a lot of us aspire to, but not many adults naturally have perfectly straight teeth. People often suffer from crooked, overlapping teeth or have teeth with gaps between them. Some people no longer have any teeth at all. At Brisbane Laser Dentist we have a range of treatments to ensure that you can maintain an even smile throughout your entire life. Crooked teeth can usually be corrected through the use of a straightening appliance, as can most gaps between teeth, however in some cases where gaps are too small for straightening appliances they may require an alternative treatment. Patients who are missing several or all of their teeth or wish to upgrade from their dentures may want to discuss dental implants with our dentist Coorparoo, as this is a way to restore teeth that makes them appear even and natural. To find out which treatments would benefit you the most we recommend that you book a consultation appointment with one of our practitioners, as this will enable them to carry out an assessment of your mouth as well as listening to what issues you are having before deciding which treatments will be most suited to your circumstances.
Say goodbye to gaps and overlapping teeth
Our dentist Coorparoo has a variety of treatments available to help straighten out your smile. Our traditional straightening appliance is capable of resolving severe misalignment issues, closing large gaps between teeth or pulling them into straighter positions to ensure that they do not overlap. The appliance consists of brackets being attached to the front surfaces of your teeth, and these brackets are connected by a thin metal wire that slowly pushes or pulls your teeth into their new positions. You will need to attend our practice throughout your treatment to have your appliance tightened and ensure that it is working as planned. You can expect your treatment to take between one and two years, depending on the severity of your individual situation.
In cases where you have gaps between your teeth that are so small that a straightening appliance is not suitable, it is likely that you can still benefit from porcelain veneers. This treatment is capable of making your smile more even overall, as each veneer is shaped and sized individually before being fitted onto the surface of a tooth, meaning that they can be made slightly bigger than your original tooth to close any unwanted gaps that you have. They are made of porcelain so look and feel exactly like a real tooth and can help to disguise any chips and cracks that you may have too.
False teeth that behave and appear like your original ones
If you are missing teeth or wish to upgrade from your dentures then we recommend that you book a consultation appointment with our dentist Coorparoo to discuss dental implants. This is a more permanent way of replacing your teeth, as it uses titanium screws that have been inserted into your jawbone as posts for your new teeth to securely attach to. They look, feel and behave like your original teeth, giving you back the ability to bite, chew and smile confidently, and can last for up to ten years.
All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.