Unsure how to look after your baby’s new teeth? Tips from our Coorparoo family dental team

One of the key moments in any parents life is when their baby has their first tooth come through.
A universal symbol of cuteness, a single tooth in an infant’s mouth is more than just something to coo over; it is a sign that now, you need to start thinking about their dental care.
Despite popular belief or old wives tales, you can begin your child’s dental journey before their teeth erupt. There is no need to wait for them to have all of their teeth before you start cleaning, and in actuality, early dental exposure at home has been linked to better oral health in the long term.
But how do you go about it?
At Brisbane Laser Dentist, our Coorparro family dental team knows all about looking after baby teeth and can provide you with advice on how to manage your baby’s mouth while they are teething. Everything from brushing techniques to dietary hygiene; when you choose our team to oversee your baby’s oral health, you can rest assured that you are in the hands of dedicated professionals.
So, what are some of our Coorparoo family dental team’s tips for looking after those first few teeth?
Twice a day!
Like looking after your own teeth or any older children’s teeth, you should begin by brushing those newly erupted teeth twice a day.
If you haven’t got a small enough toothbrush, you can simply use your finger; put a small amount of paste (smaller than a pea) on to your finger and massage the tooth and the surrounding area. Be sure that you are using age-appropriate toothpaste!
No stress!
OK, if you have a more unreceptive baby, the important thing is to not worry; it is more important at this age to make brushing part of their routine rather than ensuring that the new tooth is sparkling white.
If you become stressed whenever it is time to brush their teeth, they will pick up on it and will begin to associate it with an unpleasant experience.
Do it with them
If you have children who are older, why not brush your teeth at the same time as them, while your infant is in the same room?
This will allow you to supervise the older children, while also helping to cement the activity as part of the daily routine for the baby.
We mentioned earlier that it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a baby toothbrush when the first tooth comes through; for the most part, with a single tooth you can use your finger.
Once other teeth start coming through, you will need to invest in an age-appropriate brush. This will get your baby used to having a brush in their mouth and will also allow for better hygiene.
Dental visits
We recommend that by the age of 12 months, your baby should have attended their first check-up with our Coorparoo family dental team. After this, check-ups every 6 months will be needed to maintain good oral hygiene.
All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.