Need emergency dentistry from Brisbane Laser Dentist?

In the last year, people’s priorities have changed in relation to their health and wellbeing due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.
And as a result, many people are now less than eager to visit any kind of medical setting unless it is absolutely necessary. This then leads to the inevitable question for many; do the old rules still apply in relation to dental emergencies?
A dental emergency is, well, self-explanatory; it means that you need to see a dentist urgently to have a problem assessed as it is causing discomfort or additional issues. But there have been many pre-COVID-19 articles written about dental emergencies that are not uncomfortable. Do these still count as emergencies under current regulations?
At Brisbane Laser Dentist, we are proud of our dental Coorparoo, which can help you and your family to manage during these uncertain times. We will happily offer you an emergency appointment within 24 hours of you contacting us, helping you to get back on your feet in no time at all.
So, what conditions are still considered dental emergencies by our dental Coorparoo?
You will be glad to know that concerning emergency dental Coorparoo, this ruling hasn’t changed.
If you notice a discomfort that is distracting you during the day, stimulated by the consumption of a hot drink. Or is preventing you from eating or sleeping, you need to come in and see our emergency team straight away. Such discomfort could indicate anything from a cavity to a loose filling or even an abscess all of which require emergency attention.
If you notice a swelling anywhere on your gum line, under your jaw, at the back of your throat or underneath one of your teeth, you need to see us.
Even if the swelling is not uncomfortable, it can still cause issues with eating food and breathing if left untreated and as swelling can indicate a myriad of different problems, any sudden inflammation needs to be examined by our team.
A bleed in the mouth is usually due to trauma or dental treatment, such as an extraction; as a result, any bleeds should gradually slow and stop within 20 minutes of them occurring.
If they do not stem with the application of gauze and constant pressure, then you will need to see our team for stitches or the application of surgical glue.
Cracks and chips
A crack or a chip to the tooth may seem fairly benign in comparison to swelling or bleeding, but if left untreated, they can still be problematic.
Any breakage in the enamel can act as a gateway for bacteria to infiltrate your tooth, leading to decay and infection, so if you spot a chip or crack, come and see our emergency team, at our Brisbane practice.
Different from swelling, a lump anywhere in your oral cavity or near it needs to be explored due to the risk of oral cancer. If we suspect that the lump needs further examination from a specialist, we will refer you immediately to have it biopsied.
All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.