Unsure if you have a dental emergency? A brief guide from our dental in Coorparoo

Have you had a toothache that has kept you awake for a few nights now? Or do you have an ulcer in your mouth that won’t heal?
If so, call our team!
Even if you are not sure if you have an emergency dental issue, please contact our dental in Coorparoo team for advice. We can offer a simple triage system and, if we feel you are in urgent need of dental care, we will aim to provide you with a same-day appointment.
What are the common signs of a dental emergency? Our dental in Coorparoo provides the following list.
We have all seen it in a cartoon; a character has a toothache or a dental issue and their face looks swollen.
And that is no joke! One of the reasons that our emergency dental in Coorparoo takes sudden or gradual oral swellings seriously is due to the link between them and other issues such as abscesses or impacted teeth.
Even if you have swelling to your jaw or your face which is not hurting, you will still need to see our team for a same-day appointment.
A universal indicator of a dental issue is discomfort underneath a tooth or anywhere in the mouth.
And while each person will have a different threshold to discomfort, if it feels like a burning, pulsating feeling or a tooth feels bruised, this is a sign that you need urgent help. While we cannot speculate on the causes, based on our expertise, discomfort like this often points to an abscess or an impacted tooth.
Chips and cracks
While more common in children, chips and cracks in the teeth are not uncommon in adults too.
And while they may seem harmless, as soon as you notice that you have damage to your enamel, you should contact our team for an emergency appointment. Much like a lost filling, failure to seek immediate treatment can lead to decay forming along the dent and will also allow bacteria to get underneath the tooth where it can cause infections.
Missing or lose restoratives
While most fillings and crowns will last up to 15 years before they need replacing, there are some instances in which they can fall out prematurely.
And so, if you have lost a filling, crown or suspect that one of the ones you have is loose, come and see our team. Failure to have restoratives replaced can lead to decay getting underneath them and causing further issues such as discomfort or abscesses.
OK, so most people will have had an oral ulcer at one time or another, usually when they have been ill or have been under stress.
And with most oral ulcers, the swelling and discomfort will resolve itself within a few days. But if you have recurring ulcers in the same area of your mouth that bleed or have grown to the size of a 5 pence piece, then you need to see our team for oral cancer screening urgently.
All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.