Need to ask a dentist near me about root canals? 5 FAQs answered by Brisbane

Have you recently had a dental infection or facial trauma and need a root canal? Do you want to know more about the procedure before it is performed?
When you search online for a dentist near me to perform a root canal, our team at Brisbane Laser Dentist will be one of the most experienced teams you will find. We have helped thousands of patients restore their smiles using root canal procedures and can attest to the success rates we have had with this treatment and our patient’s teeth.
Have some questions for a dentist near me about root canals? Read on for the top 5 FAQs about endodontics.
Will a root canal kill the tooth?
This is an old myth and when you search for a dentist near me to perform a root canal, you will probably have this thought pop into your head.
A root canal actually restores the tooth; the nerves and roots are not removed and once the treatment is completed, you can use the tooth as you did prior to the infection or injury. The aesthetics of your tooth will not change and your tooth will certainly not turn black!
Will the procedure be uncomfortable?
No; before we begin any procedure that will involve deeper work, we will ensure that the area is sufficiently numbed. A root canal aims to remove the infected debris from the inside of the tooth, so many people find that the treatment actually relieves any pressure or discomfort.
However, if after the root canal you notice a persistent soreness, come back and see our team.
What will happen during the fitting?
In many ways, having a root canal fitted is similar to having a filling fitted.
There will be numbing agents, injections and drilling but the drilling will take our team into the root of your tooth as opposed to scratching away decay.
The procedure is longer (up to an hour for a single-rooted tooth) and once the debris has been removed from the tooth, it will be packed with a filling material and topped with either a crown or a filling.
There may also be a course of antibiotics to follow after the procedure to ensure that the infection is resolved and does not reoccur.
Is any aftercare needed?
The area underneath the tooth where the root canal was fitted is likely to feel sore and bruised for a while and so, we would recommend refraining from eating any hard foods for a few days.
But aside from that, we would advise that you simply try to maintain good oral hygiene, visit our team biannually for check-ups and report any issues that you may be noticing with your teeth.
Will it fail?
In short, with correct care and dental hygiene, your root canal will not fail.
Many patients who have had root canals go their entire lives post-fitting without any issues but of course, if you suspect that your root canal is failing or becoming infected, call our team.
All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.