What are some key features that a general dentist in Coorparoo must have?

Regularly visiting the dentist is an essential habit that none of us should avoid. Our dental health and hygiene depend on it.
That said, the thought of seeing their local dental practitioner can cause a degree of anxiety in some patients fearing the unknown, bad news, or the possible infliction of pain.
One of our roles as general dentists in Coorparoo is to reinvent the notion of dentistry and to help eradicate the negative connotations linked to our profession. We do this by offering high quality treatments provided by our friendly, professional, and empathetic team.
So what can our team at Brisbane Laser Dentist offer you that’s unique and different from other dental clinics? Read on to find out!
We’ve got years of experience under our belt
In our twenty years of operating, we’ve seen and successfully treated patients from all walks of life experiencing a huge variety of dental issues.
Throughout this time, we’ve treated our patients in a judgement-free and empathetic manner. Today we’re proud to have a list of long-standing and loyal patients who love coming to see u.
Our treatments are more affordable than you think
Often, people avoid visiting the dentist because it’s believed that treatment is expensive. Our procedures are cost-effective, and we offer flexible payments.
We provide high-quality patient care
In the past, dentists weren’t regarded in a positive light. Despite the advent of modern technology and a significant improvement to the chairside manner of oral health providers, people still get nervous about seeing their dental practitioners for check-ups. One of our primary aims is to change people’s attitudes toward the general dentist in Coorparoo with dental services that prioritise patients’ needs.
We are patient listeners, strong communicators, and we tailor your treatments to suit your unique requirements.
We prioritise preventive dentistry
Educating our patients about dental health and hygiene is extremely important to us.
If you aren’t taking proper care of your teeth, you’re in danger of contracting life-changing oral diseases where you might end up losing multiple teeth.
If you don’t want to spend hours in the dentist’s chair, having to undergo necessary procedures to fix advanced dental issues, start prioritising your oral health today. It’s never too late!
If you aren’t sure if the way you brush your teeth is correct, ask us for a quick demonstration. Dental problems arise not just because you neglect your teeth, but also because you aren’t cleaning them using the correct techniques.
Our education never stops
Our team is forever learning new and improved ways of using dental techniques. We pride ourselves on keeping up-to-date with newly released knowledge and technology.
We’re also one of the few Australian dentists who’ve adopted laser dentistry, which has numerous advantages for our patients.
Generally, laser dentistry offers a more comfortable experience for our patients over drills and other tools.
From our point of view, laser dentistry is the way of the future and is taking various fields of dentistry on new and exciting paths.
That said, we are flexible and do offer more traditional techniques if you are more comfortable with older methods.
All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.