What treatments can a general dentist in Coorparoo offer me?

general-dentist-in-coorparooDespite our best efforts to keep our teeth strong and healthy by frequently brushing and trying to limit the intake of foods that are particularly sugary or acidic, accidents can still happen.
Sometimes, we may need to have some general dentistry carried out if our teeth have been damaged. This is where a general dentist in Coorparoo can help. If one or more of your teeth have been damaged and/or chipped, then there are several different treatments that a general dentist in Coorparoo can offer you.
These treatments may include fillings, dental bondings (white fillings) or veneers. The treatment you receive will usually be dependent on where in the mouth the damaged tooth is, as well as how much of the tooth has been chipped away. Regardless, if you do have a broken or chipped tooth, it is a good idea to contact a dentist as soon as you can, to ensure that your mouth suffers minimal discomfort, and to help prevent the development of a potentially more serious problems.
If you are looking for treatment for a broken or chipped tooth, then get in contact with us at Brisbane Laser Dentists. Here at Brisbane Laser Dentists patient care is our number one priority, and we seek to get rid of much of the stigma that surrounds dentistry by providing you with a comfortable environment to receive treatment in, where you are listened to and well informed about the treatment you are receiving.
Fillings and Dental Bondings
A general dentist in Coorparoo may offer you a filling if you have a small chip on one of your back teeth. A filling is commonly made out of a tooth coloured composite material, and can be placed into the mouth to replace the part of the tooth that has been chipped away. The dentist may have to use a drill to smooth the edges of the tooth and remove possible decay before the filling can be fitted.
If you have a small chip on one of your front teeth, you may be offered dental bonding instead. Similar to a filling, dental bonding is also a tooth coloured composite, which is matched very closely to the colour of your original teeth. The bonding is attached via an adhesive, before being shaped to look like a natural tooth.
The final step of this procedure involves hardening the dental bonding through the use of ultraviolet light. In most cases, both of these treatments can be performed in just a single visit to a general dentist in Coorparoo.
Veneers are a relatively quick option to hide the appearance of damage to a chipped front tooth. Veneers use either porcelain or a composite resin material to cover the entire front of the chipped tooth. To do this, the dentist may need to remove some enamel from the affected tooth, as well as take impressions of it to be sent to a laboratory which will make your veneers. Once the veneer has been created (usually after one or two weeks) the dentist will be able to fit it to your tooth using a bonding material.
All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.