Considering saying no to that root canal? Three benefits of endodontics by Brisbane Laser Dentist

Most dental patients feel a pang of fear in their stomachs when their dentist tells them they need a root canal.
While there is nothing complicated or difficult about this procedure, alongside braces and extractions, root canals have earned a bad reputation among patients, due to misconceptions about them being painful and causing teeth to weaken and break.
Of course, in years gone by, these myths probably had some truth to them, but with modern dental techniques, if a member of our dental team recommends a root canal to you, there really is nothing to worry about!
At Brisbane Laser Dentist, our dental team can provide you with all forms of preventive and restorative treatments, without causing you discomfort or additional stress. Our general dentist in Coorparoo can make sure that you are comfortable before we start any of our basic dental treatments and aim to complete them to the high standard you expect and deserve.
But what are the benefits of undertaking a root canal with our general dentist in Coorparoo? Read on to find out!
Relieves discomfort
Most of the time, a root canal is performed to preserve and restore a tooth that has been damaged by an infection to the pulp.
So, when you visit our general dentist in Coorparoo, it is highly likely that you will be, or will have recently been, in some degree of discomfort. Having a root canal will relieve this discomfort long term and of course, before our dental team starts any procedure, they will ensure that your mouth is sufficiently numbed first.
Preserves the tooth
In the time before root canal therapy, the only option to resolve a dental infection was complete removal of the tooth. This had an obvious cosmetic disadvantage if your infected tooth was located at the front of your mouth!
After you have had a root canal completed, you will be able to use your once infected tooth as you did prior to the infection. Visually, your smile will be unchanged and, while there may be some initial sensation that is akin to bruising, after about 7 days, this feeling should have subsided.
Prevents spread of infection
Of course, when it comes to infection, medical professionals want to prevent it from spreading to other parts of the body.
When you have an infection in the pulp of your tooth, without root canal treatment, it is trickier for our dental team to treat. As a result, it may spread into the gum tissue, causing problems for all of your surrounding teeth.
As part of the root canal therapy is to clean the inside of the tooth and remove all traces of the infection, this makes any surrounding infection more responsive to antibiotics. Also, dealing with the infection at its source will make any associated discomfort more manageable and will speed up the recovery time.
So, if you ever need a root canal in Coorparoo, come along to Brisbane Laser Dentistfor fast relief.
All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.