Worried about needing a root canal?

While most people dislike any form of extensive treatment at the dentist, more than half of all dental patients report being worried at the thought of undertaking root canal therapy. Although it is a somewhat straightforward procedure, root canals are perceived by many members of the public as being painful, invasive and even damaging to the teeth.
Root canals become a necessary procedure when the pulp of the tooth (the nerve), becomes infected, inflamed or damaged, due to either extensive decay or severe impact. Root canal therapy preserves the tooth, removes the infected pulp and prevents the infection from spreading to other teeth. It also stops any associated discomfort that comes along with having a dental infection!
When you come to Brisbane Dental for your root canal treatment, our general dentist in Coorparoo will ensure that this procedure is painless, completed in minimal time and to the high standard we take pride in.
But what are the other benefits of letting a general dentist in Coorparoo perform a root canal? Read on to find out!
Saves your tooth
Until fairly recently, when a tooth was infected or suffering from extensive decay, the only way that a general dentist in Coorparoo could alleviate the problem was to perform an extraction.
Even today, many dental patients state that they would prefer an extraction to a root canal but if your damaged tooth is at the front of your mouth, this is not a desirable option.
A root canal saves your tooth and provides you with a pain free way to keep your smile gap free.
Bacteria removal
While performing a root canal, our dental team will use thin, serrated rods, to remove the bacteria that has built up inside the pulp of the tooth.
While this may not sound beneficial, it prevents the bacteria from spreading into the bloodstream and surrounding tissues, which could lead to a very serious infection.
Stops pain
One of the most common reasons our dental team performs root canals is due to extensive decay.
When decay hits the pulp of the tooth, it becomes inflamed and can be extremely painful.
While there is a myth that a root canal is painful, after it has been performed, many patients are surprised at how quickly the discomfort vanishes. After an uncomfortable infection, you will be glad that you had this treatment!
Restores sensation
Another myth surrounding the root canal therapy is that after the procedure is concluded, you will experience an unnatural, numb sensation.
Nerves in the surrounding teeth will allow you to feel the sensation of biting and chewing food; many people actually report restored function of their teeth after a root canal, as they are able to use all of their teeth without discomfort or worrying about sensitivity.
Halts abscesses
If you are lucky enough to have a root canal performed promptly, it can stop an abscess from forming completely.
Abscesses can cause extreme discomfort, facial swelling and can impact on your ability to function and sleep.