Worried about seeing our dentist in Coorparoo? Our top tips to manage dental anxiety

Have you had a reminder to attend a dental check-up? Does the thought of getting in the dental chair fill you with dread?
If it does, you aren’t alone so don’t worry, our team at Brisbane Laser Dentist can help!
At Brisbane Laser Dental, our dentist in Coorparoo has helped many nervous patients to overcome their anxieties and can help you feel better about attending check-ups while getting your dental health back on track. We will work with you and your individual needs and can provide a range of distractions and techniques to help you to cope while we work on your teeth. Perfect!
So, what are some of the things that you and our dentist in Coorparoo can do to help you overcome dental fears?
Be open
If you have a dental phobia or anxiety, the best thing you can do is tell our dentist in Coorparoo.
After all, we want to help all of our patients and will aim to work with you to help you beat this problem and get back to good oral health.
We can offer you in-chair distractions, such as music, we can talk to you about what we are doing or, in extreme cases, we can offer you sedation.
Book early
The last thing we want you to be doing on the day of your appointment is worrying. So, in order to combat any anxiety, we recommend booking the earliest appointment that you can attend.
Then, once it is over, you can go about your day as planned, without needing to worry about an upcoming appointment.
Maintain hygiene
A large factor in poor oral health is a lack of hygiene at home.
And if you have never been shown how to look after your teeth correctly, our team at Brisbane will aim to educate you; but you must practice at home!
By brushing twice a day, you reduce plaque, reduce inflammation to the gums and reduce the risk of cavities developing. So, practising good oral hygiene is worth it when you are aiming to overcome a dental phobia.
Seek external help
Our team at Brisbane will seek to help you when you are confronting a dental phobia, but should you need a bit more support, please seek it.
This could be in the form of an online group, counselling or even some self-help exercises; if it helps you to feel better about attending our surgery and maintaining good oral health, then it gets a thumbs up from our team!
Attend regularly
OK, so when you dislike something, it is easy to avoid it.
And when it comes to attending dental check-ups while also having a phobia, it is easy to see why many people push it to the back of their minds.
But one key way that you can overcome your dental fears is to visit our team at least twice a year. That way, it will become routine and will of course allow us to detect any issues early, making the treatment easier and less invasive.
All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.