Your dentist Coorparoo is here for all your dental needs

Here at Brisbane Laser Dentist, we deliver quality patient care using the latest, sophisticated technology. We aim to leave our patients smiling after having a positive experience with us. We believe there has been a needless stigma in going to see the dentist. We aim to eliminate this stigma through our professionalism, dental technology, and the warm welcome we give our patients.
Our technology
Our dentist Coorparoo uses two types of lasers that operate in three different wavelengths that provide for a versatile treatment. The Fotona Lightwalker (Nd: YAG & Er: YAG) and the Picasso Laser (a diode laser) target different areas of the mouth. The diode laser is a cost-effective treatment to treat soft tissue procedures. For example, the diode laser can specifically target unhealthy gingival tissues. The mechanism works by laser energy penetrating deep into the periodontal pockets, thus delivering the therapeutic effect.
The Nd: YAG laser treatment has both healing and regeneration properties when used to treat periodontal areas primarily. Some of the benefits of this fractional pulsing laser are disinfection and sterilisation of the infected tissues. Use of these lasers can even reduce teeth sensitivity.
The Er: YAG laser is also used for a multitude of soft tissue procedurals. The laser is used initially at low power and has a sedative effect on the nerve. This allows the incremental increase of power without creating the sensation of pain.
The most notable difference between Nd: YAG and Er: YAG is the wavelength. Nd: YAG operates at 2940 nm, while Er: YAG operates at 2070 nm usually. These differences in wavelength are often used together for their combined therapeutic benefits.
We also use a powerful chemical-free oxidising agent created by our compact disinfection unit, known as ozone. Ozone is dissolved in water, which we operate in all of our water utilising equipment. The infused water is shown to remove existing microbes and biofilms, leaving the area free from residual. Ozicure, like our water disinfectant, is an air form of ozone that is great at removing bacteria from tooth decay. The ozone air is applied to the affected region, eliminating the bacteria present, thus reducing the need for tooth removal.
General dentistry
In addition to our advanced technologies, our dentist Coorparoo treats all the major and minor dental needs of our patients. This includes preventive, emergency, missing teeth, cosmetics and much more.
It is a good idea to book a consultation with us to assess your dental requirements and to address any concerns you might have. By addressing these fears and concerns with us, often, the patient feels more comfortable afterwards, since we try our best to accommodate them. After your clinical examination, we will be able to give you our recommendation to what suits your personal needs for your oral health. We also provide alternate options at different prices so you can get the most out of your treatment. Our goal at Brisbane Laser Dentist is to focus our efforts and expertise to deliver quality care to our patients, leaving them with a positive experience. So whatever the dental query, give our dentist in Coorparoo a call, and get the treatment you deserve.
All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.