Can a dentist near me help restore my smile? An introduction to dental implants

Have you recently lost a tooth and been searching for a dentist near me? Maybe you have had an accident or injury which has unfortunately resulted in the loss of your tooth or multiple teeth. You may have been dealing with a missing tooth for some time which has knocked your confidence and you may be considering ways to restore your smile to what it once was. Brisbane Laser Dentist provides dental treatments for our patients who are dealing with missing teeth and our experienced general dentist is able to carry out high quality dental treatment to solve any dental issues that you may have.
What types of dental treatment do we offer our patients with missing teeth?
When searching for ‘a dentist near me, we provide restorative dental treatments for our patients who have lost a tooth. One of our popular and effective dental treatments which aims to replace a missing tooth is known as a dental implant.
Dental implants at Brisbane Laser Dentist
A dental implant is a small screw usually made of titanium which is placed by our team into the jaw area where a tooth is missing. This provides a stable surface which allows a custom made artificial tooth to be fixed on the metal root. The artificial tooth is made so that it looks the same as the patient’s remaining teeth.
There are many benefits to our dental implant treatment. Along with the dental implants being made to look natural so it is not noticeable that you have artificial teeth, having a dental implant also allows our patients to eat as normal, as dental implants help to restore bite and functionality. When you lose a tooth, you tend to lose the bone mass in your jaw. Dental implants are able to replace jaw stimulation which helps to prevent bone loss.
Another benefit of having our dental implant treatment is that because these replacements function like natural teeth, they do not affect an individual’s speech, meaning you can speak normally and naturally.
With dental implants, you can also be confident that you will not experience any slippage as they are fixed into your jawbone, therefore you never need to worry about any embarrassing moments at an event or in public.
Dental implants are also easy to care for as you brush and floss as normal, as you would with your natural teeth. There’s no need to invest in any special products. You can also be confident that you will not experience any cavities in your dental implants although it is important to care for your artificial teeth as you would your natural teeth to maintain healthy teeth and gums.
If you have more than one tooth that needs to be restored, another dental treatment that we offer to our patients are dental bridges.
A dental bridge is another restorative dentistry treatment which allows a patient to chew and eat normally, as it replaces multiple adjacent gaps in the jaw. Dental bridges are hardly noticeable in a patient’s mouth and also do not need to be removed for cleaning.
All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that our treatment is right for you.