Laser Dentistry in Coorparoo

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is the way of the future. At Brisbane General and Laser Dentists, we have the facilities to bring you some of the latest treatments available in this exciting field of dentistry.

These include:

  • Restorative work (dental fillings),
  • Soft tissue surgery,
  • Photobiomulation or Low level laser therapy (LLLT)
  • Cosmetic skin treatment
  • Muscle tightening around the perioral area,
  • Snoring (Nightlase®),
  • Disinfection for root canal treatments / gum infections
  • TwinLight® Periodontal Treatment
  • Removal of crowns or veneers
  • Oral surgery.
Overall advantages of laser dental treatment:
  1. Reduced bleeding compared with traditional dental treatment.
  2. Some gum treatments may not require stitches.
  3. Faster healing times.
  4. Anxious patients often feel more relaxed without the need for drills and needles.
  5. Reduced risk of infection, because the laser treatment sterilises the affected area.
  6. Reduced discomfort and reduced need for anaesthesia in some procedures.
  7. Improves the success rate of treatments, including root canals

Laser Dentistry

Restorative treatment replacing drills
By using lasers in restorative treatments (such as dental fillings), we remove the physical contact and trauma to the tooth. What does this mean for you? Reducing the need for local anaesthetics and uncomfortable sensations from often experienced by the drill. The laser does the clean-up and our patients walk out a happy camper.
Snoring – Nightlase®
This is a non-surgical procedure and there is NO uncomfortable appliance to wear. The laser is used to tighten and re-collagenised the soft tissue areas at the back of the mouth, which opens up the airway and reduces the vibration that causes snoring. 3 or more sessions may be required.
Repairing gummy smiles
Excess gum tissue can make your gums very prominent when you smile or can make your teeth look uneven in shape or size. Laser treatment can reduce the amount of gum tissue to improve your smile. The precision of the laser means results are very even and accurate, and the laser can also help prevent bleeding.
Sterilisation during root canals
When a tooth has a complex root canal system, lasers can be used to aid the sterilisation process. Parts of the root that are difficult to access with traditional treatment can be sterilised using the laser, improving the chances of a successful treatment.
Tooth whitening
Lasers can be used for tooth whitening to make your smile brighter. A special gel is applied to the teeth and the laser is then shined on it to activate the gel. The procedure takes around an hour
Photobiomodulation or Low level laser therapy (LLLT)
A low level laser light can be applied to areas of injury or lesions to promote healing, reduce inflammation and provide relief from acute and chronic pain.
Removal of crowns, veneers and ceramic orthodontic brackets
The laser light can be applied directly to crowns, veneers and ceramic orthodontic brackets to aid in its removal without damaging the tooth underneath. It works by breaking the bond between the cement underneath the crown, veneer or orthodontic bracket and the tooth.
Periodontal treatment – Twinlight®

The combined effects of two wavelengths available with the Fotona laser can:

  • Disinfect periodontal pockets
  • Aid in calculus (tartar) removal in deep pockets,
  • Create and promote clot formation to help periodontal pocket healing and reduce pocket depth.
Frequently Asked Questions

Lasers use a small beam of concentrated light and target an area where treatment is needed. Depending on the type of laser used and the settings chosen, this beam of light can cut, disinfect, desensitise and even heal the targeted area.

Amalgam fillings:

For health reasons, due to the interaction of lasers with amalgam fillings, we cannot remove your amalgam filling(s) with the laser. However we are able to remove it the traditional way.

All other filling materials:

if you have an old filling that is not an amalgam, we can safely remove it using our laser.

We don't charge any extra for using the laser.

No, we don't have to use lasers for your treatment. Please let us know at your appointment or even when making an appointment if you would like us to treat you conventionally or with lasers. We are trained in both techniques and are happy for you to choose what you're comfortable with.

We find that most people are suitable for treatments with lasers. However we encourage you to make a consultation appointment first. Discuss your concerns and have a chat with one of our friendly dentists so you can make the right choice for your health.

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