Advanced laser dentistry at a dentist in Coorparoo

Technology is ever evolving and while the thought of lasers being used for surgeries and dental treatments may seem like something out of a sci-fi TV program, it is in fact very real and leading the way into the future of dentistry. At Brisbane Laser Dentist we use this advanced technology at our dentist Coorparoo in order to give you one of the most advanced forms of dental treatment possible, so you and your family can enjoy the benefits and uses our lasers have to offer.
What can lasers treat?
We know it sounds too good to be true but laser therapy can help treat snoring, giving you and your partner a better night’s rest without the need to wear strange appliances or undergo major surgery. At your dentist Coorparoo we can help treat snoring using the NightLase®. The reason for snoring is usually because of the soft tissue at the back of your mouth. It tends to collapse when you sleep and vibrates when you breathe which causes the snoring sound. By using lasers we are able to tighten up this area in around 2-3 sessions, giving you a more open air way and silent sleep.
Gummy smiles
When someone has a gummy smile it is because they are showing more gum than tooth, in some cases this could be that the muscles that activate the upper lip are overactive thus pulling it higher than they should or that the gums are too big and have in fact grown over the teeth. In this case lasers can help, as they can carve back the gum tissue without having to make any incisions, helping to expose more of the tooth, making the teeth appear the correct size and proportion with the gums.
Teeth whitening
You may not know it, but lasers have been used to whiten teeth for a while now, as their light activates the whitening gel that is placed over the tooth in order to brighten them and make it a few shades whiter.
In a complex root canal surgery it can be difficult for dentists to reach certain areas within a tooth, but with a laser, we can quickly sterilise any area without any discomfort to you.
Replacing drills
In restorative dental treatments like dental fillings, we can use lasers instead of drills, it is commonly known that the sound of the dentist drill can make people uncomfortable, but a laser is silent and can get the job done with less discomfort. Through the use of lasers we need less contact with the tooth which means potentially less use of anaesthetic and faster recovery time.
How does a laser work?
A laser uses a thin beam of concentrated light to treat various dental issues as mentioned above. The type of light used and the strength setting it is used with can disinfect, cut or heal depending on the treatment needed. The healing is arguably the most interesting treatment available at a dentist Coorparoo, from cold sores to injuries, lasers can often sterilise and promote healing to a wound much faster than any cream.
Disclaimer: All treatment carries risk. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.