Get fillings at a dentist near me

Extreme tooth pain usually never just occurs overnight; it’s a typically a slow and nagging thing that many people tend to ignore until it’s too late and too painful to ignore. At Brisbane Laser Dentist we want you to be mindful of any pain you experience with your teeth, no matter how small. We want you to come in and get it seen to as soon as possible, because it is always better to avoid major treatments like root canal therapy whenever you can. So if getting a small filling at a dentist near me is something that needs to be done to avoid bigger problems down the line then it’s usually better to do that than avoid the chair and allow things to get worse.
How does a dentist near me do a tooth filling?
Fillings are a standard procedure at any dental practice, we have done them so many times that we have lost count and patients are often pleasantly surprised, if not shocked, at how quick and painless the procedure can be.
First, we will numb the side of your mouth that we intend to work on by blocking the nerve on that side of your face, only once you have no feeling in that area will we begin work. Next, we will inspect and open up the hole or cavity in the tooth. This is done with lasers and you will not have to endure the sound or vibration of a dental drill for this procedure as the laser can cut through the tooth where necessary with minimal blood and debris. Once we have exposed the cavity we will then clean it out, and using another laser we will sterilise the inside of the tooth.
After all of this, the filling process can begin, this is the quickest part of the whole procedure and comes at the very end, new materials and technologies mean that we no longer use old amalgam fillings in your mouth and can give you white fillings instead.
White fillings
The white fillings that we use are made of a composite bonding material that is set into the cavity and on top of the tooth, at a dentist near me we can shape the bonding material to the outer shape of your tooth and the colour is matched to your own teeth so that once it is cured with a special light, it will not be noticeable at all, even when laughing.
Though white fillings are widely used today, it was not so in the past and many people still have old noticeable metal fillings in their teeth, you will be happy to know that if you still have these fillings we can remove them and replace them with the new tooth coloured material to return the confidence when you smile.
These white fillings are incredibly hard-wearing and can withstand everything you put your teeth through in your lifetime, however, if you are a habitual tooth grinder then you may want to look at getting a tooth guard, custom made for you, to protect your teeth and new fillings too.
Disclaimer: All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.