Seeking dental Coorparoo at Brisbane Laser Dentist

Have you recently booked an appointment at Brisbane Laser Dentist, our dental Coorparoo location, for the first time and don’t know what to expect? As a new patient, Brisbane Laser Dentist will be happy to welcome you into our practice and provide you with a superior treatment service for any of the dental issues you may have.
Our team at our practice; Brisbane Laser Dentist
Our experienced team at Brisbane Laser Dentist includes our dentists Dr Garry Johnson, Dr Rui Gao and Dr Ann Schindel, along with Emily who is our practice front office manager, Stacey our practice clinic coordinator and our receptionist Hayley, who are all also dental assistants. Our team at Brisbane Laser Dental always strive to put the care of our patients whilst providing the highest quality dental treatments.
What do we have to offer you as a new patient at Brisbane Laser Dentist?
If you are visiting our practice Brisbane Laser Dental for the first time, our dental team will make it a priority to ensure that your experience with us is positive and as stress free as possible.
During your appointment with us, if you are considering investing in one of our dental treatments, we offer to our new patients a clinical examination as well as a chance to discuss with you dental Coorparoo treatment options. At Brisbane Laser Dentist we recognise that each patient we encounter has specific needs, therefore we tailor our dental treatment plan, providing you with all the necessary information in relation to it and thereby giving you the chance to express any concerns you may have and make an informed decision. You will also be provided with a price quote which can also be discussed and we do offer our patients alternative options to ensure that our patients are happy and comfortable with their choice.
Preventive dentistry at Brisbane Laser Dentist
Preventive dentistry refers to dental treatment which helps us to maintain healthy teeth and gums. At our practice, Brisbane Laser Dentist, we strongly believe in our patients attending routine dental appointments with us in order to keep their mouth healthy. We encourage our patients to visit us for a routine dental appointment every six months, however for some of our patients we advise more frequent visits. Our general dentist will be able to advise you on how frequently you should visit our practice for a routine dental appointment.
If you have not had a routine dental check-up at our practice you can expect the following. Firstly, our general dentist will take the time to thoroughly examine your mouth, teeth and gums and some X-rays will also be taken if necessary. Our dentist will also use the check-up as an opportunity for you to discuss any dental problems you may be currently experiencing or have experienced in the past and also discuss your general health and lifestyle. If you require no treatment, teeth cleaning habits will be discussed and our dentist will let you know when to come back to our practice for the next routine check-up.
All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that our treatment is right for you.