Dental treatment at Coorparoo for a smile makeover

Many people, through no fault of their own, may lack confidence due to their teeth and smile, as nature dictates how our teeth grow out and in what position they settle into as adults. There are some who may overindulge on coffee or smoke, both of which may yellow teeth. This all can contribute to a less than perfect smile, making you feel less confident about yourself. At Brisbane Laser Dentist we can address any issues you may have with your smile. All you need do is discuss with us the range of cosmetic and restorative treatments we have available at our dental Coorparoo practice. Get in touch to find out more, or book a convenient appointment online, and take the next steps to getting the smile you want.
Cosmetic dentistry
When it comes to a smile makeover, we have three main options for you to choose from and with dental Coorparoo treatments we can promise a change in the way you look, which is hopefully more in line with what you imagine than what you currently may have.
Teeth whitening
Teething whitening in practice
In order to whiten natural teeth we need to bleach them and activate that bleach with a special light, this process, when done by professionals, can help make your teeth become a few shades whiter and brighter which makes a massive overall difference in the appearance of your smile.
Teeth whitening at home
We offer teeth whitening kits for you to take home to help gradually whiten and brighten your smile, this is handy for those who want to make it less obvious that they are having such treatments, as the difference from one day to the next is not as apparent as getting them whitened at our practice.
Depending on the state of your natural teeth, the ageing, and staining we will be able to discuss the best options for you to take, in some cases, a simple home kit will work well, but in more severe cases your teeth may need some professional treatments.
The use of orthodontics has proven to correct crooked teeth and malocclusions in the long term giving you the opportunity to make lasting changes to the position of your teeth, this is an excellent option for teens and adults, as getting braces may mean that you don’t have to do anything drastic or damaging to your teeth. Braces are metal brackets which get fitted to the teeth so that a thin wire can be threaded through them, this wire is placed under tension and can then pull the teeth into position in a few months. With new tooth coloured braces, dental Coorparoo can offer the more discerning patient some discretion when it comes to their orthodontics.
Porcelain veneers
Often known as the Hollywood smile, veneers are an option for people who don’t want to wait for braces and whitening, who want new perfect teeth as soon as possible. We can get a set of veneers on you in as little as two appointments, you can choose the size shape and colour that best fits your face and though the treatment is permanent and irreversible they can cover a multitude of problems very quickly.
Disclaimer: All treatment carries risk. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.