What should I do if my teeth are hurting? Signs that you may need an emergency dental appointment

Nobody wants to ever imagine themselves or a loved one going through an emergency medical issue; especially if such an issue revolves around teeth!
Far from a simple ache, one of the key reasons many people visit their dentist out of hours or for the same-day appointment is due to the discomfort that often accompanies tooth decay or an abscess, so if you have become acutely aware of a sharp pain that is worsening in your jaw or under one of your teeth, you need to contact our team immediately for a check-up.
At Brisbane Laser Dentist, we don’t want any of our patients to experience pain and will always aim to provide emergency dental in Coorparoo. We set aside separate appointments each day for our emergency patients and can offer you advice over the phone to help you manage any discomfort in the interim. Once you visit us, we will resolve the source of your discomfort quickly, allowing you to get on with your day pain-free!
But is a toothache the only thing that warrants a same day trip to our dentist?
Our emergency dental Coorparoo helps many people who have recently noticed a swelling on their gums, on their jaw or a general swelling on one side of their face.
Swelling does not have to be uncomfortable to warrant a same-day trip to see us, as it can indicate anything from an impacted tooth to an abscess forming. Whatever the cause, it is best to get it seen by our dental Coorparoo team promptly.
More common following an extraction or a facial trauma, bleeding in your mouth should not continue for more than 20 minutes with pressure applied and gauze.
If the bleed doesn’t subside, you feel nauseated or dizzy, contact our team immediately; we will be able to stem the bleed with stitches or surgical glue and identify why it has not stopped.
A wobbly tooth is quite rare by itself, and often accompanies gum disease or can even be the result of trauma to the face.
However, our team at Brisbane Laser Dentist will be able to treat any underlying gum disease that may have led to that wobble or will be able to extract the tooth if it cannot be secured back into the socket.
Lost crown or filling
More noticeable than even a wobbly tooth is a lost filling or crown; those jagged edges can become a real pain when rubbing up against the tongue or inner cheek.
And even if there is no immediate discomfort, it is important to see our team as soon as you notice a lost filling or crown to prevent bacteria from accumulating and forming an abscess. Yikes!
Chips and cracks
A chip or a crack to the teeth can seem benign but it is important to have it repaired by our team as soon as you can.
A crack can allow bacteria to get under one of your teeth and cause decay to form.
All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.