New to the world of laser dentistry? 5 advantages highlighted by our dental team at Brisbane

Are you new to the area of laser dental care? Or have you never heard of it until you clicked on this article?
As the name suggests, laser dentistry involves the use of targeted, controlled lasers to detect and treat several different dental conditions. Not only can lasers better treat a myriad of oral disorders, but they are also now being used to detect issues such as cavities, gum disease and they can even be used to lengthen your crowns (or the part of the teeth that shows when you smile!).
As you may have guessed from our name, at Brisbane Laser Dentist, our dental in Coorparoo is able to offer all of the aforementioned treatments (and more) to get you the whitest and healthiest smile. Providing a more comfortable option than traditional dental care, we offer laser treatments to all of our patients, making all levels of dentistry more simple and affordable for everyone!
But what are some of the other advantages of using laser dentistry? Our dental in Coorparoo answers that question below!
Decreases need for stitches
OK, so if you attend our dental in Coorparoo to have a tooth extracted, you may be worried that you will need stitches following the treatment.
However, with the use of lasers, we can cauterise the area (depending on its depth) eliminating the need for stitches. Using lasers in relation to extractions also speeds up the healing time of the area, reducing the chances of infection.
More hygienic
Let’s look at the example of an oral extraction again; if you have had an infection that has led to the extraction, chances are you will have some harmful bacteria in your mouth.
And while it may seem that an extraction will remove the bacteria, this may not be the case with regular dental care.
When our team uses lasers during the extraction of an infected tooth, we will be able to kill all of the harmful bacteria in the area, making the treatment more hygienic and, once again, reducing the chance of infection. Brilliant!
Minimises bleeding
Invasive dental treatments can lead to a bit of bleeding and while this is often minimal, lasers can minimise it even further.
As mentioned before, if you have had an extensive procedure (like a surgical extraction) we will use our laser to cauterise the area, preventing excessive blood loss and speeding up the healing process too; there will be no need to bite down on gauze when you come to us!
Better preparations
Lasers can also be used to better prepare your teeth in relation to crowns, fillings and other restoratives.
With our lasers, cuts made to the tooth will be more precise, reducing the loss of enamel and healthy bone, while also preparing the tooth correctly for further treatments.
Less invasive
Lastly, the use of a laser reduces the need for our team to be putting all manner of instruments (and hands with rubber gloves) into your mouth! What’s not to like about that?
All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.